Friday, 30 April 2010

Boom, boom, boom

How you fit field artillery into a skirmish game, who cares, I like the L118 light gun so thats why it's here. As for the name, the rest of the battery will be Little Meg, Mayburgh, The round table, Castlerigg and the other one I can't remember, see it all makes sense.

Also we have a few Royal Military Police, why? because I wanted to paint them.

Sunday, 11 April 2010

Comrade Amber of The PFJ

Amber used to be a member of the military police in Spain, but resigned on the formation of the peoples republic in Jedburgh and immediatly travelled to Scotland through the free port of Berwick. Soon after arrival she was recruited into the people's front, one of the smaller militias in Jedburgh, where her training soon gave promotion to the fronts commitee.
A number of succesful operations and a lot of luck have given Comrade Amber a talismanic status with the people of the republic and she now features in the central commitees propaganda efforts. This has lead to some conflict as Amber wishes to be out fighting the republics many foes, which the central commitee are happy to see but they believe she should focus on public relations and not risk the damage to morale that would be caused by her death.

Sunday, 4 April 2010

Road patrol

First of the snatch land rovers I got from S&S models, it'l be providing the transport for the police contingent, type, thing. Stilltrying to decide what markings to add and wether to give the army two the same mods.