Monday, 23 August 2010

I'm sailing away

Well we have some progress, the arse end now exists and the superstructure is placed, length is 15"/38cm so gives a beam to length ratio of 4-1, which looks a lot better than the 3-1 of the mock up.
Oh yeah, I made a cardboard mock up for the first time ever and glad I did, as i t made me realise it needed to be longer and the hull needed to come up higher above the waterline, still can't find any crew yet, daggnabbit.

Sunday, 15 August 2010

Attention span, I've heard of that.

Now, it may look like I've started something new, which I have, but it counts towards the blockhouse project so it's not too bad. Based on the island class patrol vessels, but smaller, otherwise it would of ended up a meter long. Now I'm just hoping I can find some crew who look right, should it be so hard to find naval chaps and chapessess in anti-flash gear, apprently yes.

First game

So I actually got to play a game in attempt to get used to the rules I'm using.
It was some regulars on the right and territorials on the left, also notice how dusty some of the terrain is, should probably of cleaned it a bit more.

well the game ended in a draw as both sides bottled out, but at least the rules were easy to remember, which was the important thing.